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International Diplomatic Student Association (IDSA) is an organisation for university students, having its seat in Budapest, Hungary. Our main goal is to provide professional opportunities to university students in Hungary, spread the knowledge of Model United Nations (MUN) and support the education of a new generation of students who are open-minded, self conscious and aware of the main issues of the world.

We organise different activities such as evening discussions, study trips, workshops exploring different topics, etc. for our members. We wish to provide a professional background for them, while encouraging them to find their own academic interests and aspirations.

Our professional program has an emphasis on MUN-ing. Throughout the semester we have several courses for our members where they can learn both the required professional knowledge, skillset and also the technical basics of MUN conferences. We discuss present issues and encourage our members to engage in the process of critical thinking through active participation at the sessions. This modelling work reaches its peak point in April, when the one-week-long Munapest (Model United Nations of Budapest) conference, organised by members of our community, is being held. Besides that, our members – traveling in well-organised delegations – participate in many MUN conferences all over Europe, attaining the Best Delegate title several times, which also serves as further proof of the high quality of our activities.

Nevertheless, IDSA not only serves as a professional environment but is also a loving community. We organise camps, movie nights, parties and also have a personal mentoring program, so while our members develop professionally, they can also make long-lasting friendships that serve as the foundation of IDSA and which ensured its longevity since 2013.