Our Team

What is IDSA

International Diplomatic Student Association (IDSA) is an organisation for university students, having its seat in Budapest, Hungary. Our main goal is to provide professional opportunities to university students in Hungary, spread the knowledge of Model United Nations (MUN) and support the education of a new generation of students who are (more) open-minded and aware of the main issues of todays' world.


One of our permanent programs is the MUN-Club. Throughout these weekly sessions our members can learn both the technical basics of MUN conferences and also the required professional knowledge. We discuss present issues within the framework of MUN procedures and encourage our members to engage in the process of critical thinking through active participation. During the last two years, our members - traveling in well-organised delegations - not only participated in many MUN conferences all over Europe but also attained the Best Delegate title several times, which also serves as further proof of the high quality of our activities.


Along with MUN-Club and EU-Society, we also organise other activities such as evening discussions, study trips, workshops exploring different topics, etc. We wish to provide our members a professional background and encourage them to find their own academic interests and aspirations.


At the same time, IDSA is more than just a simple organisation: it is also a great community. However, our bonds are not limited to those between colleagues. During these years we became real friends, which makes the professional work even more valuable and thrilling.



IDSA Members are

  • Creative.
  • Able to express themselves.
  • Striving for excellence.
  • Team players.
  • Capable of critical thinking.
  • Endowed with a healthy amount of idealism while still retaining their stance on the grounds of reality.
  • Open-minded.
  • Ambitious.
  • Good at improvising and coping with stressful situations.
  • Curious of developments happening around the globe.
  • Blessed with a flair for theatrics.
  • Able to make compromises yet also stand for what they believe in or represent.

IDSA Presidency

Ms Dóra TörökPresident

Ms Lili Nádasy Vice-President

Ms Nikolett Szöllősi Public Relations

Mr Márton Hegedűs Human Resources

Mr Bence Volosinovszki Professional Affairs