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Project Description

What is securitisation? It is a contemporary way of thinking about the notion of security, the threats and vulnerabilities of a state. It provides scholars with a critical way of thinking – and it can help you better understand the motives and processes behind political and governmental decisions. Identities, history, sociology and psychology all play a part in defining something a threat – dynamics shaped by you as well. Our perceptions are not given and absolute, they can be influenced – meaning so can be you. The course will explore the process behind making ordinary, professional issues a cardinal and life threatening one. This theory denies the existence of objective security threats, and argues that everything connected to our understanding of ’security’ and ’threats’ are constructed by and for ourselves. A process in which you are very much involved as well, and might even help it. Securitisation uncovers several of the commonly used influencing techniques. Securitisation is a widely used contemporary approach that lets you construct answers to the ‘how?’ questions easily. The approach goes against dominant beliefs in IR Theory, and offers a completely new point of view on security, danger and the behaviour of states. By the end of the course, you will be richer with a new point of view on domestic and international affairs. You will be familiar with the main actors of the process, as well as how attempts are made to return to a world where not everything is a security issue.

Project Details

  • Date: on a biweekly basis (2016/17 year, spring semester)
  • Participants: 10-15
  • Main focus: Understanding the motives and processes behind political and governmental decisions