Project Description

Becoming an experienced and outstanding debater is nevertheless the question of practice and hard work, but MUNs cannot teach us everything.  We have launched the MUN X program for the members of IDSA who wish to gain experience from well esteemed experts and university lecturers.  Therefore, we organize courses annually for our members, what aims to provide a useful source for preparation. On these occasions the attendees have the chance to master their soft skills and to broaden their knowledge on a range of common MUN topics. During the academic year of 2016/2017 we have practiced rhetoric and negotiation techniques, and have engaged ourselves in matters such as the influence of foreign combatants in armed conflicts, media literacy and manipulation or the role of cultural diplomacy.  

Project Details

  • Date: on a monthly basis (2016/17 year)
  • Participants: 20-30
  • Main focus: Gaining useful knowledge in diplomacy, protocol and everyday working life