MUNAPEST - Model United Nations in Budapest 2015

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Project Description

MUNAPEST was the first MUN conference organised and hosted by our association. It was held at the ELTE Faculty of Law from the 17th to the 20th of April. There were more than 150 people attending, coming from all over the world to experience the authentic MUN-feeling. With 5 + 1 Committees – Security Council, ECOSOC, International Court of Justice, UNHCR, Council of the EU and one unique Press Committee – it was bound to be an exciting four days. For the first time in the Hungarian Model United Nations culture, the feature of interconnectivity was incorporated in the system of MUNAPEST. It is a new way of doing MUNs, pioneered at the 2014 WebMUN Conference. Its main characteristic is that Committees, instead of working alone as single, separate entities, are intertwined and rely on each other to a great extent. The topics of each Committee are relevant to those of others, and ultimately the events taking place in one meeting can have a significant effect on what happens in the rest – all this unfolding in real time. During the conference, to make everything more exciting – and as we mentioned before – we had a Press Committee and a Crisis Team as well. The members of the Press Committee were journalists of news agencies and their main objective was to report on events developing in each Committee. They kept all participants informed of what was going on outside their respective Committees, while the Crisis Team supplied the conference with crisis events as the debates intensified.

As for me, MUNAPEST was a memorable experience. Not just on a professional level but on personal, too. We had the chance to meet all those lovely and intelligent participants. They opened their heart and soul, just as we did. We have come to realise that although we had grown up in diverse places, enjoying different lifestyles, we have still managed to discover many aspects and traits that we all share. All of us wanted to make steps towards building a better future, and we learned to perceive the world with open eyes and minds.

Ms Dóra Szász

Project Details

IDSA’s very own Model UN Conference, which was launched in 2015. Being the successor of BIMUN’s university level, MUNAPEST became the first Model UN of Budapest purely for university students. All the members of IDSA worked hard make MUNAPEST the best possible experience, and their enthusiasm made it possible to establish astonishing foundations for an annual conference. With the help of many supporters ranging from friends through sponsors to the ELTE Faculty of Law, the conference was a huge success both in the eyes of the participants and the IDSA itself.

For further information please visit the MUNAPEST website:

  • Date: 17th  April – 20th April 2015
  • Participants: 150
  • Main focus: Model UN