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Project Description

The MUN-Club has been a fundamental cog in the greater machine of IDSA for two years now. Held on a weekly basis, the “club nights” provided ample amount of time and challenges to hone one’s diplomatic, debating and rhetorical skills. It was especially beneficial for the newcomers who had joined in September 2014, as they could finally practice all they had learned during the three-occasion-long beginner’s course led by our Manager for Professional Affairs. Within the frame of MUN-Clubs, participants modelled the working of various United Nations councils as well as other international committees and agencies. Prior to a given week’s meeting, our members would receive detailed topic guides and an authentic country matrix showing which countries are actually members of the international body whose mandate covered the topic at hand. After picking a nation to represent, participants had to prepare for the Club by studying the issue that was to be discussed, but most importantly; do research on their chosen country’s general and specific policy regarding the topic. A subject was discussed for the length of two occasions; the first one being a general debate on it, with the second one being the time to practice drafting and debating resolutions – as well as to lobby, compromise, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Besides the highly professional nature of these MUN-Clubs, it was also a great opportunity for members to get together each week, have a chat, socialize, and come up with revolutionary ideas.

Project Details

  • Dates: weekly basis (since 2013/14)
  • Participants: 10-20
  • Main focus: basic MUN knowledge, foundations of debating and general aspects of international relations