Mentoring Programme

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Project Description

The Mentoring Program was an initiative first introduced during the 2014 accession period for new members – and hopefully will be extended to the 2015 accession period as well. The aim of the program was to provide assistance and guidance – both professional and personal – to our newly initiated members as they took their first steps in the world of MUNs and beyond. For that end many veteran, experienced members present since the association’s foundation volunteered to gather the newcomers under their wings and teach them the tricks and know-how of diplomacy and United Nations modelling, like holding captivating speeches, writing shrewdly-worded resolutions or lobbying one’s way across a divided committee. Each participating mentor was paired with one to three mentees to maximize effectiveness. Although the “younglings” have quickly acclimatized to the new atmosphere and learned how to stand on their own feet, the strong bond between some mentors and mentees remain to this day, and by now it has developed to involve many extracurricular recreational activities that masters and their apprentices organize together.

Project Details

  • Date: a continuous programme
  • Participants: every IDSA member
  • Main focus: helping newcomers' integration to the IDSA by professional and social events