"It was my first time at ... any MUN"

Model UN

It was my first time at KAMUN, to be honest, at any MUN. I have joined IDSA just this semester, and things have kept speeding up ever since. KAMUN was definitely a peak.

As a beginner, I was often nervous, but loved it all the way! My heart was racing constantly during session, as I needed to gather the courage to speak up. There was even a time when being given the floor caught me by surprise, so I had to improvise a meaningful speech. Fortunately, we received a lot of help throughout the preparation, and were ready to take one many of the challenges even if we did not realise it. I felt great while working with all these enthusiastic people.

It was a humbling experience to see my peers struggle and overcome obstacles in order to contribute to the debate, just like how I did.

Taking on this trip with IDSA turned out to be quite an extraordinary journey, and I’m glad for it.



About The Author

I’m Péter Tamás Winkler, studying Computer Science and Engineering at Óbuda University, first year. To broaden my view on the world I joined the International Diplomatic Student Association. Still a freshman, but I feel a part of it already!