Case Study - A summary of IDSA's own IR related competition


After the two successful events of last year, on 28th October we organized the third Case Study Competition of IDSA, and the first one of this year. Organizing an all-day-long professional event on a Saturday, which is at the same time the start of the long-awaited autumn break at several universities, always carries risks. Fortunately, in the morning 25 excited and enthusiastic people were waiting for the competition to start. The programme began with the announcement of the topic, the teams, which is with our case studies conceptually designed to be a surprise. In my opinion, that mystery is the charm of this competition. The topic had to be an actual global issue, related to diplomacy and international relations, not a hoary old chestnut, but still an important, relevant and unsolved conflict. Hence, the choice was the Territorial Disputes of the South China Sea. The teams had to find a solution to this pressing matter in accordance with the policy of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the Philippines, China, Vietnam and the USA. Having announced the teams, they received a topic guide, a short summary of the conflict itself, a brief description of their represented country’s (or organization’s) policy and a few questions to take into consideration, so they had a little help to start the research with.

Altogether the groups had four and a half hours (and a one-hour-long lunch break) for researching and getting to know more about the topic and their country, coming up with a possible solution and building up a 10-minute-long presentation, which was a real challenge for the participants. It is quite a hard and difficult situation to solve in under only a few hours, especially that for most of them it was their very first IR related case study competition, and, not a minor factor, also the first time they met each other. However, this challenging task lead to creative and impressive presentations, which was followed by an also 10-minute-long Q&A session with the jury. With whom exactly? Ms. Virág Mai Lan Lê, president of CASDP (The College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice), Mr. Máté Szalai, Phd candidate at Corvinus University of Budapest, research program coordinator at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ms. Nikolett Garai, former president of IDSA and Mr. Géza Kovács-Dobák, current president of IDSA.

After long discussions, according to the jury’s decision the team representing the USA came out as winner, which means that they have won the IDSA Case Study Cup.

Listening to the presentations and seeing their hard work during the day, we can barely congratulate and thank you enough for the participation!

We're looking forward to seeing many of you in next semester's Case Study as well!



About The Author

I'm Nikolett Szöllősi, currently studying International Business at Corvinus Universtiy of Budapest. In my first year I joined the International Diplomatic Student Association, and from my second year I'm helping the work of the PR and the Professional Team as well.