Interview with Géza Kovács-Dobák, President of IDSA


You all must wonder how a member views IDSA and what it has given them.

Read the story of Kovács-Dobák Géza, long-time member and current president of IDSA.

How did you find IDSA?

My journey started as a freshman, coming straight out of catholic school. When I entered the halls of Corvinus, I quickly evaluated that the only society worth joining is the IDSA. Being inexperienced in the beginning, after having joined this organization, these group of friends have taught me, guided me, warned me and scolded me when it was necessary. I learned a valuable lesson from them: You only develop if you make mistakes, don't give up, listen and learn.

What happened after that?

After a brief 3 years, I was able to master such an international relations knowledge without the proper university program, but only through practical and fun MUN activities etc. at the Association that I could continue my studies on an IR master. These soft skills and academic knowledge were what prepared me to work at a United Nations Agency. I managed to get into the UN Refugee Agency as a full-time staff member even before my BA graduation.

What do you think is important to succeed?

I believe the bonds you make are the ones that create the network, which helps you succeed. A very great example of this is how I got my job at the UN Refugee Agency. My qualification itself maybe would have been enough to get the position, but the help of my friend, Nikolett Garai (who was my predecessor), who let me know that the opportunity exists, surely aided my success. Of course, after that, it will always be up to you, but the first gentle touch is often needed!


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