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The „Nemzetközi Diplomáciai Társaság” (NDT) is an association that is responsible for the organisation of the Munapest conferences each year, together with the International Diplomatic Student Association (IDSA). The main goal of NDT is to reach out for the Hungarian Youth (mostly university students) and to make them understand the work of the United Nations as well as the aims of other international organisations. With this purpose, the NDT is an active part-taker in Munapest, mainly focusing on the assurance of financial background by tendering.

Some members of the IDSA are also members of the NDT, which makes this cooperation even more fruitful. With IDSA being responsible for the human side of the conference by recruiting and appointing the Organising Team, it is crucial to have continuous understanding between the two organisations. However, NDT has approximately 25 members, whose duty is to carry this union by attending its General Assemblies and participating in the life of NDT in general. Some members are extremely conscious about the importance of education among the Youth of Hungary when it comes to the UN and sustainability. Keeping this in mind, these members (with the help of the NDT) sometimes organise events regarding e.g. climate change or gender equality. All in all, NDT is a stronghold of young people with an open mind who wish to assist the spread of a modern, sustainable and international view on everyday life with special attentiveness and respect regarding the work of the United Nations.