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Concerning professional programs in IDSA the current presidency members decided to make some changes in internal courses in order to offer newbies a chance at each semester to start their professional programs with soft skill courses which are followed by one Intensive MUN Course per semester.

Soft skill Courses

As mentioned before, the soft skill courses are originally dedicated to newbies, but that doesn’t exclude already IDSA members from joining the soft skill courses. We find it extremely important to firstly establish confidence in speaking up and creating the ability to form a unique and individual opinion. We also want to provide new members the chance to start their professional programs with some basics, such as speech writing, presenting, leadership skills, communication skills etc. After solid basics and three soft skill courses we hope our newbies can join the following Intensive MUN Course with enthusiasm, courage and eagerness.

Intensive MUN Courses

Our primal focus in our Student Association is to organize courses that are helping IDSA members in gaining professional knowledge background for Model United Nations. Throughout Intensive MUN Course which is held once per semester, we hope to encourage our members to write opening speeches, present their standpoints, share their opinions, engage themselves in a debate, learn how to make a treaty etc. We want to provide our newbies all the information necessary for MUNing and make everyone attending it an MUN Expert!