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Tension and Terror has been Escalating in the Sahara Region Terrorist attacks against both civilian and military targets have increased five-fold in the Sahel region, since 2016, according to the United Nations. The Sahel region is a severely underdeveloped semi-arid region, south of the Sahara Desert. It stretches from Senegal in […]
The Conference Last weekend, the 56th annual Security Conference was held in Munich, Germany. This year nearly 500 political, economic and military leaders attended the event, while almost 4000 policemen secured the premises. Among the present guests were Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria, Emmanuel Macron the French President, Justin Trudeau, […]
The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020 and has entered an 11-month transition period. To be fair, this was not the first time, as they Brexit-ed even before it was cool. Around 6100 BC, during the Mesolithic period, Britain broke free of mainland Europe. Throughout this transition period, the […]
The Vision The spring of 2019 brought an unexpected turn into European Politics. As it seems the public of Europe have finally understood they cannot procrastinate further to take responsibility for their own future. This ambition reflects not just in the body of the new European Parliament but in the […]