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Online classes – not in your comfortable home, sitting in front of a laptop or computer, but via Whatsapp groups in tents. Committed teachers are trying to keep classes running through the messaging application in the refugee camps of Idlib, Syria. Reports of despair in Zimbabwe, a country with an unemployment rate of […]
A crisis in development… Since February 2020, the number of COVID-19 cases has risen exponentially throughout the majority of the European Union Member States. Currently, Italy and Spain are the two most affected countries with more than 120 000 confirmed cases, while the death toll has passed 11 000 for both States, […]
The year is 2020. April’s Fool was just a few days ago, but it is certain that some people did not even realize it. Why?! Simply because this year has already been pulling enough “pranks” on us… Countries around the world are scrambling to halt the spread of the coronavirus […]
On March 15th, 2020, the war began its 10th year period… There have been many shocking news stories over the past decade. One story that made headlines, and is still present in the daily news is the Syrian Civil War. On March 15th, 2020, the war began its 10th year […]
On Tuesday, Greek PM, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced that 24 000 migrants were stopped from entering illegally in Greece through the border of Turkey. The announcement came after a visit at the Kastanies border crossing point, attended by several EU officials, including Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and David Sassoli.  Overture Erdogan’s […]

Period Poverty

IN SCOTLAND, THE PARLIAMENT HAS APPROVED A BILL THAT WOULD MAKE THE COUNTRY THE FIRST ONE TO END PERIOD POVERTY.  Period poverty affects millions of women and girls all over the world day by day. The term, per se, means when those on low incomes can’t afford, or access suitable […]