MiniMUN 2018

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Event Description

Dear MUN Lovers,

Munapest 2018 is just around the corner, prepare yourself with the upcoming MiniMUN Conference! 

Apply as a CHAIR or a DELEGATE and discuss the unsolved conflicts and challenges of the MIDDLE EAST in three different committees!


BEGINNER COMMITTEE: Disarmament and International Security 

TOPIC: Enforcing the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons

With a number of agencies investigating the chemical attacks that occurred late 2017 and which arguably lead to the further involvement of some great powers, the UN is forced both by public opinion and world leaders to effectively react and invent measures to prevent such atrocities from ever occurring again. While this may sound obvious on paper, geopolitical interests and biases divide the parties involved, with some even openly denying the occurrence of such an attack. 


INTERMEDIATE COMMITTEE: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

TOPIC: Measures to prevent arms trafficking in the Middle-East 

With every 4th person in Afghanistan owning a firearm, the de-escalation of local conflicts and the stabilization of the region has effectively failed so far, as a nation in arms is once again on the verge of a civil war. From a less localized point of view, this can be said of the whole region, with the continuous conflict creating tremendous demand for firearms and ammunition, a demand which was not looked over by neither state nor non-state actors. As it is mostly a local issue, it is up to the OIC to enact further measures to prevent this powder keg from blowing up, but with some countries profiting directly from the conflict, they may never reach a consensus on the issue. 



TOPIC: Peacebuilding in Afghanistan

A nation in conflict ever since the cold war, Afghanistan has endured three invasions, several civil wars and small-scale tribal conflict for decades. With all attempts on stabilizing the region effectively failing, despite the support of most great powers and the UN, the consolidation has not advanced in the expected phase. Now once again, we must try to understand the countless aspects of the country’s situation and come up with effective measures to help her return to her former glory, yet keeping in mind it’s importance in geopolitical terms and not launching another war.


Event Details

Venue: ELTE Faculty of Law Building B (1053 Budapest, Kecskeméti u. 10.)

Registration Fee: 1500 HUF, covers the lunch, shall be paid upon arrival at the conference. In case you don't need lunch, the participation is 500 HUF.

Register here:
Registration DEADLINE: 1st March, 23:59