MiniMUN 2017

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Event Description

Have you ever imagined getting under a diplomat's skin? Do you think it’s high time to put theory into practice? International Diplomatic Student Association offers an invaluable experience for you!

It' time to challenge yourself! Get a glimpse into how Model United Nations conferences function and gain an understanding of how resolutions are born. Stick to your country’s position. Attract as many supporters as you can, while engaging in a meaningful, constructive dialogue. Discuss present issues within the framework of MUN procedures. Find the solution best suitable for the rest of the participating countries. Go for the Best Delegate title in your committee!

Do you feel unexperienced with MUN conferences? Start with MiniMUN!Acquire courage to speak up in a familiar atmosphere. Open the doors to further opportunities, such us MUNAPEST 2018 and plenty of other MUNs all around the world. Get closer to an international network, meet and greet people who are striving to become young intellectuals aware of the present world's issues!

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Level: Beginner 
Topic: Quality Education for Displaced Children

We often see headlines about refugees. United Nations committees, NGOs and other bodies also tend to discuss these crises all around the world. We can argue that much less attention is given to the secondary steps that need to be taken to ensure displaced people’s physical and mental wellbeing. One of the most vulnerable groups who are affected immensely by their experience as refugees/displaced persons are children. Subsequently, education comes into attention, as it is a fundamental part of children’s lives and growth. In this edition of MINIMUN, you will be discussing the past problems in providing education to displaced children, possible solutions to it and realistic plans to achieve those solutions!

Level: Intermediate 
Topic: Demilitarization in the region of Kashmir

The Kashmiri conflict is neither a new nor an underestimated one. The international community has discussed it many times and offered a helping hand to India and Pakistan to find peaceful solutions for it. However, as we can see it is a prevailing dispute to this day. Now what can be done besides the usual efforts in finding middle ground is to look into action steps that help decrease the tension and calamity in the area. The Disarmament Committee of the United Nations is an appropriate body to look into ways of achieving this, perhaps by taking steps in the direction of reducing arms handling in the area.

3. Security Council 
Level: Advanced
Topic: Kurdish Independence

The political situations in Iraq, Turkey and Syria have been shaky to different extents in the past decade. The population of Kurds in these three countries alone is estimated to be 50% of their total population. Naturally, talks of independence took a sharp rise in this time, leading to an Independence referendum in Iraq on 25th September 2017, which had a 93% turnout in favor of independence. The prospect of a new country in the Middle-East -a Kurdistan- has never been stronger, and that has many implications on the balance of power and political relations in the region, as well as the geopolitical map. The Security Council will be discussing exactly this and preparing for different scenarios that might unfold in the future about the Kurdish Independence.

Event Details

When? 2nd December, 9 am
Where? ELTE Faculty of Law (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3.)

See you there! Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Application deadline: 30th November
Both chairs and delegates can apply by clicking this link.