Visiting the South African Embassy in Budapest

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A little preparation before Munapest

Event Description

The South African delegation of Munapest - Model United Nations of Budapest 2016, accompanied by other members of IDSA has visited the South African Embassy in Budapest. We had an extremely interesting and helpful conversation with First Secretary Ms Kedibone Ramatsa and Third Secretary Ms Babalwa Makwati, who told us about South Africa’s views on migration, peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, multiculturalism and many more topics. We are thankful for their hospitality and help, and we will do our best to represent the Republic of South Africa in the upcoming conference.

Mr András Rostás

Event Details

  • Date: 16th March 2016
  • Participants: 9 delegates from IDSA
  • Main Focus: Helping the preparation of the delegation of IDSA representing South Africa at Munapest 2016