United Nations Shadowing Programme 2015

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Shadowing a diplomat

Event Description

On the 16-17th of November the annual Shadowing Programme was organized by United Nations Vienna in the Austrian capital. We would like to congratulate to the 3 chosen participants who had the opportunity to spend two days in the UN headquarter.

Hereby we would like to share with you a few sentences of their experience:

“I gained a significant insight in practical aspects, but also I was told some sort of good advices, from very experienced people, which I think are really useful and important, considering my daily life and decisions, and also in connection with my future work and so on.

As we were involved and invited to the different institutions, we could experience just only a little segment, part of a slice in a cake. Which is quite interesting and of course well-known that the United Nations is the world’s largest and universal international organization, dealing with almost every field and area in and around the world, and even if you know this or not it is remarkable how big the whole UN is, and certainly if you want to work for it, you will definitely find one – or many – area(s) which piques your interest, because it offers a wide range of opportunities in terms of jobs and internship places as well.

I would recommend this extraordinary opportunity, because you can broaden your horizon about the so-called world of international organizations, about its institutions and foreign administration, and get influenced greatly by the UN’s international environmental and through those meetings, visits from professionals, due to which you would not just bare in mind this as a prominent career option, but you would also go for it to achieve working in it. Furthermore you can get important advices not just in regard with doing career but also in general terms, which is for sure that these can be invaluable contributions in both aspects.”

Mr Bálint Tóth

Event Details

  • Date: 16-17th November 2015
  • Participants: Over 100 applicants, 3 chosen delegates
  • Main focus: shadowing a diplomat at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna