MiniMUN Conference – December 2015

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Practice makes the master

Event Description

A MiniMUN conference – as the name suggests – is a day-long simulation of United Nations bodies and committees as well as other international organizations. We always try to aim for the most lifelike scenarios and modellings, thus – with the inclusion of the system of Interconnectivity – the cooperation and interactions of the three modeled councils will be harmonized. Every year we organize more MiniMUN conferences in order to provide opportunity for our members to practice a little before attending bigger international conferences. Besides, these events are always good platforms to test new features we would like to include in our yearly international conference, MUNAPEST.

At our first MiniMUN in this academic year, we were simulating the work of the United Nations Security Council and the NATO. The main topic of the day was the future of the Arctic region, more specifically the future of the huge oil and natural gas reserves under the melting ice. However suddenly a series of unexpected crisis events changed the course of the conference, delegates really had to work together to prevent a huge catastrophe which would have been caused by a group of terrorists who wanted to blow up the ice in the Arctic region.

Event Details

  • Date: 5 December 2015
  • Participants: 30
  • Main focus: Opportunity to practice before bigger conferences and trying out new features of Munapest