Belgrade International Model United Nations 2015

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Model UN at Belgrade

Event Description

In March 2015, a large delegation of the Association travelled to Serbia for an International Model UN conference hosted in the majestic city of Belgrade. Our team had quite a few first-timers, and honestly, BIMUN was probably the best way to start off their MUN careers. What made BIMUN even more unique was the co-delegate feature, which was an attempt by the organiser team to bring people – once complete strangers – closer and forge lasting bonds. In order to do so, they put the delegates into delegations of two, often pairing a foreigner with a Serbian student, however, in several cases the pairing was between two foreigner students. Although this system definitely had its drawbacks, if one could find common ground with his or her co-delegate, they could practically become one of the strongest voices in any committee. It was quite challenging; that is, maintaining a good balance between consulting one’s partner and thus reaching consensus versus unleashing one’s ego. The topics of most committees were heavily focused on climate change, global warming, the ailing ecosystem and the repercussions of all these, although the task of the Security Council’s Crisis Committee was to deal with ISIL in the Middle East and North Africa – a daunting undertaking for sure.

At the end of the conference, we had a working resolution. There was an operative clause regarding an exchange program between the developed and developing countries for the purpose of understanding nature and protecting Earth. Some weeks after the conference I received an e-mail from my university. It said that there was an opportunity to go to Brazil and participate in finding that solution which can ultimately save our planet. Truth be told, reading those lines gave me goose bumps. All in all, as a first-timer it was not only my very first conference but something much more. The ideas we incorporated in that resolution mattered; they amounted to something… to the point where genuine professionals were able to work with them in the real world.

Ms Dóra Szász and Mr Tamás Szikora

Event Details

  • Date: 18th March - 22nd March, 2015
  • Participants: 11 delegates from IDSA
  • Main focus: Model UN