London International Model United Nations 2015

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Model UN at London

Event Description

The three days long event hosting more than 1500 students started with a brief guided tour showing the wonders of London, so delegates could discern the true beauties presented by Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the British Parliament with the Big Ben. The opening ceremony was held in Central Hall Westminster, a grand edifice, where the very first General Assembly of the United Nations took place.

With almost 30 committees, numerous facets of today’s urging issues were discussed, such as the nuclear situation in Iran or the instability caused by ISIS in the Middle East. Alongside these present day topics, there were a couple of unique ones, such as the Somali civil war of 1991 or a Crisis scenario focused on the Warring States Period of ancient China.

As for social events, the first evening we enjoyed the music of a local jazz band at Imperial College, which also served as the venue for LIMUN 2015. Unfortunately the Delegate Ball on the second night was only available to a limited number of people given the size of the conference, thus it couldn’t be visited by our delegation.

Having been the part of London International Model United Nations did not just simply mean partaking in the largest annual university level MUN conference in Europe – hence one of utmost reputation – but it also showed that for us to make the world a better place to live in achieving our own dreams does indeed matter. Even if this dream is ascending as an empress of ancient China in the 21st century as a male participant.

Mr Antal Száva

Event Details

  • Date: 27th February 1st March 2015
  • Participants: 8 delegates from IDSA
  • Main focus: Model UN