Junge Donaubrücken 2014

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Youth conference

Event Description

Guests of the Junge Donaubrücken conference arrived from the six participating countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania. The delegations proceeded to the Collegium Hungaricum where they had all been greeted by the director himself before moving on to engage in some casual games in order to get acquainted with one another – and most importantly, so that the young students and colleagues of different nationalities could build bridges through lasting friendships. The following couple of days were spent with various programs ranging from sightseeing in Vienna, visiting the Hapsburg crypt in the Stephansdom, to listening to exclusive presentations on the river Danube and its history (Blutige Gesichten entlang der Donau) as well as environment protection and maintaining the purity of the river. The penultimate night of the conference took place in a magnificent restaurant on the Danube bank. On the very last day the participants were escorted to the United Nations Office in Vienna. Inside they were given a tour, allowing them peek into the grand halls where committee sessions of great importance are usually held. Last but not least, the amazing four days of the conference culminated in an incredibly informative presentation on the importance of international relations and environment protection.

Event Details

  • Date: September 15th - September 20th, 2014
  • Participants: 1 delegate from IDSA
  • Main focus: Youth debate on the importance of River Danube