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IDSA is not just a professional Association, but also an engaging community. Originally founded by a group of close friends, IDSA has always embraced a built on this tradition. Our biannually camps and countless social events are a proof of that. We believe that professional growth and the improvement of skills can only be achieved in a supporting and friendly environment. That’s the reason why we put focus on community and team building.

We frequently hold social events for our members, where they can mingle with each other and hang out. These events cover a wide range of activities from board game nights to pub quizzes and many more. 

Furthermore, we hold our camps twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These camps give a great opportunity for our newer members to meet some of the older members of our association, helping in forging IDSA into a family.

The mentoring system also greatly helps in integrating our newbies into the association. The mentors often help them in professional questions, possibilities as members of the association and in some cases, in personal questions, as well. Our newbies are often first-year university students and getting used to this change is quite challenging. Our mentors support them in adjusting to the new environment with their experience and friendship.

Want to meet some members of our association? Check out the video below where they talk about what makes IDSA special: