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Although IDSA was created as a professional association, community and social events play a key role in the success of this association which allows members to enjoy each other’s company in social environments as well. Community is a constant factor in the daily life of each IDSA member as they seek to become more integrated into this association. Ever since the creation of IDSA, a large focus has been allocated to creating social events and camps; although these events serve the purpose of being enjoyable, they are also used as an environment where community and team building can be achieved at a higher level.

One of the main ways that IDSA creates a better community is through social events. Members of the Human Resources Team work together to organize social events from Bowling to Pub Crawls to Board Game Nights and everything in between. The purpose of these events are for members to meet and get to know each other better outside professional events.

Another excellent example of how IDSA builds community is through our Camps. These Camps are held twice a year and serve as a three day getaway from the member’s normal lives to meet older members and become integrated into IDSA. During these camps, new members can talk to older ones to learn about our association and find out in what team they would best fit in.

The final example of how IDSA builds community is through the mentor system. New members of the association are given a mentor, who is either a member of the Presidency or one of their Middle Managers, from the team that they apply for. This system not only serves as a useful creation where the mentee can ask their mentor any questions related to the association, but it also serves as the start of a friendship where the mentor can help their mentee with any issues, both professional and personal, that they might be facing.

All of the aforementioned examples show how IDSA values and puts a lot of time and resources into making sure new members adjust and integrate into the association and become part of the IDSA Family.