Great to see you are interested!

IDSA has two application periods each year, during the beginning of the fall semester, September, and then during the beginning of the spring semester, February. The process generally consists of two parts:

1. Submission of a written test. This is done via a Google Form so you have plenty of time to answer each question. We do not wish to read copied sentences from Wikipedia but your opinion on the matter. It is not a problem if you are not an expert of the topics the questions are related to!

2. An interview. After the first round applicants passing the written test will be asked for a 15-20 minute long interview during a one-week-long span. This will be a friendly talk where applicants have to explain their views on different matters, answer about their skills and experience.

Application Picture
Application Picture

Deadline for the application: 14th February 2019, 21:00

Good luck with your application!


You can find the facebook event of the Application Period for further info.