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Welcome to the website of the
International Diplomatic Student Association!


Meeting people from all around the world and listening to their stories is what we live for.


To learn we have to stay in motion and develop – and that requires dedication of the highest level.


The ability to share your views is only one side of the coin; a dialogue requires thoughtful listening as well.


Sharing our experiences with as many students as possible is a dream we strive for.

More About Us

One of the first skills a new member masters is the ability to debate and engage in a meaningful, constructive dialogue, even when perspectives or interests differ greatly. What is more, we do require candidates for membership to have a firm grasp on the concepts of respecting debate partners and healthy debate culture. Discussion and debate are as fundemental parts of diplomacy as they are for everyday life, thus we seek to hone and perfect them with every chance, opportunity or conference we encounter.
Knowing is half the battle, and we prefer to triumph in our battles… or debates. Being a skilled diplomat requires more than the innate ability to convince – with silver-tongued words – an audience of your views or persuade your adversaries on following the best course of action. Such feats require vast amount of knowledge of the world and people. With the necessary information and resources at your disposal, anything is possible. That is why we, here in IDSA, put great emphasis on sharing our experiences and knowledge. From international conferences, through presentations by acclaimed professionals of their given field of interest, to nights of debate framed by UN modelling… we engage in all to learn.
One’s own thoughts form the core of one’s understanding of the world; it is how we perceive and evaluate the events, phenomena and other people shaping the course of history. It has been a central idea for many philosophers over the ages and it is a philosophy IDSA wholeheartedly endorses. That is why we encourage our members to approach articles of interest from multiple sides: the more diverse thoughts they gather to analyse, the better their understanding of the underlying, root causes of a situation will be – and the greater their comprehension of the world’s structure will become. While opinions are becoming less and less appreciated in the frantic pursuit of one, objective truth, we try to listen and collect each and every individual idea to construct the most beneficial consensus.

Why Choose Us

We seek to establish the kind of environment that prepares young intellectuals, students like us, for what to expect later in their career. Whether they choose to join a multinational corporation and scale its hiearchy or enter the ever-shifting arena of international politics, we aim to make them as comfortable and determined in their choices as possible. As such, one of our priorities is to encourage them to strive for excellence.
Our successes are rooted deeply in the amazing, friendly and caring community we have built over the two years since IDSA’s foundation. Beside the air of professionalism and all the hard work it entails, it is also a great concern of ours to maintain an exciting and fresh community that continues to astonish us at every step of the turn. Diverse and gripping programmes help us provide the social aspect that such a wonderful gathering of people deserves in order to bond.
IDSA does its very best to broaden your understanding of the world; however, it also strives to open vast new horizons for all its members. Horizons you will have to explore yourself and then return, at last in the possession of incredible experiences and newly mastered knowledge. The possibilities are truly infinite, although it takes an open mind to sense and seize them. Once you enter the fold of IDSA, you are going to see all that potential for yourself. So why wait?