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Introducing the Presidency of IDSA for 2020/21!

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Another year passed by and the International Diplomatic Student Association concluded its Semester Closing General Assembly last week where we evaluated the achievements of the 2019-2020 academic year and where the new Presidency was elected.

Despite the recent hardships and unfortunate circumstances our outgoing Presidency did an exceptional job both professionally and socially to bring the members of the association closer together. For the upcoming year, our aim is to continue the development and bring in new innovative ideas.

With that regard we would like to thank our outgoing Presidency, Kornél Kiss (President), Luca E. Szarka (Vice-President for Professional Affairs), Tibor Karsai (Vice-President for Human Resources), Fanni Bakóczy (Vice-President for Foreign Affairs) and Máté Borókai (Vice-President for Communication & PR) for their devoted work.

Moreover we are wishing all the best for our newly elected Presidency for the academic year 2020-2021, Tibor Karsai (President), Tereza Suk (Vice-President for Professional Affairs), Richard Benussi (Vice-President for Human Resources), Kambar Orazbekov (Vice-President for Foreign Affairs) and Peter Lakinger (Vice-President for Communication & PR).

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